In-person instructional models

In this section, you will find:

  • Common features of in-person models during COVID restrictions

  • In-person instructional models and updates from planning processes of neighboring districts

  • What we like about them

  • Some links and pictures to help visualize what an in-person classroom actually looks like during this pandemic

Common features of in-person instructional models

  • Combines face-to-face and online teaching into one cohesive experience, often 'concurrent' in secondary grade levels

  • Many cases include flexibility to include asynchronous elements, like online exercises or pre-recorded video instruction, to support face-to-face classroom sessions

  • Challenges include:

    • Scheduling & staffing

    • Professional development

    • Contact tracing and fluid State/County guidance

    • Student engagement (in full distance as well as in concurrent models)

Marin county

Status: OPEN

What we like

  • In-person instruction since September after running a Pilot in Summer

  • 52% of their students have in-person instruction

  • 86% of their schools are "open"

  • Transparency and task force models with students, teachers and families

  • Pilot, refine, iterate in-person practices

Welcome back video highlights results from in-person pilot (6 min)

Napa High School (similar across NVUSD)

Status: OPEN

What we like

  • 4 half days/week students are on-campus; no lunch mingling

  • Just 1 class/week in each period is "concurrent" where at-home students "will connect to the class virtually via a camera that will be in the classroom"

  • mid-semester switch from distance to hybrid without disruption to schedules

  • Collaboration with students and teachers to refine practices and encourage one another (see video below in advance of selection for 2nd semester)

Napa High Students share their experience on in-person from the Fall (17 min)

Irvine High School (similar across IUSD) 

Status: OPEN

What we like

  • 2 alternating days/week in-person (i.e. T/Th or W/F)

  • Mondays are scheduled department office hours

  • Transparent district in-person covid tracking dashboard by school (see link below)

  • Flexibility for teachers on instructional model: 

"When students are attending classes virtually while they are at home, they typically access Zoom in order to see and communicate with their teachers at school. There are teachers that do use other platforms such as Google Meet. Teachers either use cameras that are secured to their desktop computers, or the cameras that are installed on their laptops." ~Irvine High School office

Lathrop High School Creative Writing Cla

Lathrop High School Creative Writing Class 1.14.2021

Riverside - physical distancing & divide

Riverside High School In-person Class (note: sliding teacher divider)

Manteca Unified School District (K-12)

Status: OPEN

What we like

  • Early planning in Spring/Summer '20 allowed them to be ready to return in November once in Red tier

  • Phase 2 in-person since November 2/ mid-semester

  • 'Blended' Secondary Model: 2 days in person, 3 days virtual/ concurrent streaming through Zoom

  • Launched an "Independent Study" alternate to hybrid or distance learning as of Jan 7

  • Now discussing moving to Phase 3, 5 days/week in-person

Santa Barbara Unified

Status: Published Plans; waiting for Red

What we like

  • Phased re-entry plan - now moving into Phase 3

  • 2 full days in-person (M/Th or T/F) with Wednesdays online for all

  • Daily zoom check-ins for each class connecting at-home and in-person students

  • Flexibility for teachers to flex instructional model: "In secondary grades, teachers may opt to extend whole-class sessions using Zoom as appropriate for their lessons."

  • Student engagement in day in the life example of an at-home High School day (link below)

Los Gatos Union (K-8)

Status: Planned & board approved

What we like

  • "Roomers and Zoomers" model for concurrent classrooms 

  • Early hiring subs and aides to supplement teachers who remain at-home and added needs of in-person needs

  • Classrooms outfitted with additional monitors, tablets, cameras, and sound equipment

  • Professional development for concurrent teaching

  • Onsite staff and student COVID testing

These are our neighbors in Santa Clara County!

Los Gatos - Saratoga High School

Status: In planning

What we like

  • Had ~25% of students on-campus in Fall in 81 cohorts (athletics, instruction, extra curricular)

  • Cohorts useful for student support, to promote social interaction, and to "learn from doing"

  • Phase 3 return to campus plan in process based on 2 stable cohorts for in-person; exploring "simulcast"

  • Planning for regular student and staff covid testing

These are our neighbors in Santa Clara County!

San Mateo Union High School

Status: In planning

What we like

  • Phased reopening approach

  • Collaborative "Spring Reopening Committee" planning for reopening this semester when allowed

  • The District will continue to offer 100% Distance Learning for those students who choose it for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Reopening plans being developed based on 'concurrent streaming'

  • No students will see substantial changes to their schedules in the spring semester

Riverside Unified (RUSD)

Status: Live

What we like

  • Opening of Schools Task Force and "Action Teams" (staff, teachers, students, community)

  • Mid semester flexibility to move between FDL and hybrid (open in October and are now closed in Purple)

  • Welcome back video shares many novel safety measures (i.e. sliding plexiglass for teachers)

Status: Live

Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD)

Status: Pending County Approval

What we like

  • 1st to submit reopening plan to San Mateo County for approval in early December (currently waiting to hear on approval)

  • Phased reopening plan evolving from Distance > bubble cohorts > stable cohorts > expanded in-person

  • Exploring concurrent classroom and plan to create mock classrooms

Riverside - students wipe down desks and

Riverside High Students wipe down desks at the end of each class

French American International School


Status: Live

What we like

  • Scenario 1 (Campus open, physical distancing not required) 2 (Campus open, physical distancing and smaller groups required, Hybrid Learning in upper grades) & 3 (Campus closure, Remote Learning)

  • Leverage of technology to facilitate collaborative activities between students on campus and at home

  • Community commitment